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Why Phone Comparison Sites Are Your Best Friend To Get Your Next Phone Deal

Have you ever tried to compare mobile phone deals on offer on the market place? You probably already know that these deals often encompass all sorts of free minutes, phone models, free tariff terms, cash backs and all sort of other inducements. Last month, there were 20,000 mobile phone deals available in UK alone. Amazingly, most originate from 5 phone companies, which are Vodafone, T-mobile, Orange, O2, BT and 3 and sold by their affiliates and partners in all shapes and forms.

So if you are looking to find a perfect deal that suits your life style then you may have to do your research well. The basic deal involves a mobile phone and a certain number of free minutes a month for a fixed monthly price over a term of 12 or 18 months. But the But a consumer friendly deal also includes tariff that does not penalise with extortionate charges if you go over the allocated minutes, calling cross networks (mobile phones on other networks), 12 month contract as opposed to tying the consumer for 18 or 24 months, and a decent mobile phone.

And then some deals can also offer inducements, like free rental for a fixed term of the contract, or cash back of whatever you paid in monthly contract fee at the end of the term; freebies like DVD players, ipods, camcorders and so on. Can you see the permutations and combinations that involve a good deal? Sadly, all these ingredients of a perfect deal are not available to every one on a platter since they need a bit of legwork. Often you have to negotiate or haggle with retailers and inform them that their competitors are offering 'x' as a freebee, and so on.

Unless you have enough time and will power to go through reams of catalogues of various retailers or search numerous websites on Internet, there is no easy way to get an ideal mobile phone deal. Unless you use tools that in tern use cutting edge technologies to extract deals from almost all mobile phone retail sources in UK and present the most recent deal according to your own criteria. Internet offers us access to the world. Information derived from Internet is easy.

However the Quality information is not. It takes a lot of effort and determination on the part of those who make this happen to bring unbiased comparison of what is on offer. Is that good for the consumer? You bet. Every one wants their Dollar, Euro or Pound to go as far as possible. The feeling of getting the best deal possible must rate amongst the best feelings.

I recently managed to get a phone model I really wanted, at a price that could not get any better. To be exact, it was one of the latest phone models, and the price - no cost over the term of the contract. Since phone and connection came free as well, it ended up costing me nothing to own latest model of a mobile phone and use it for 500 minutes every month (that is more than 8 hours) to any network, any tie within UK. This deal was being offered on Vodafone tariff (world's largest mobile phone company), by an online retailer so off the mainstream that I could not have found them without knowing about them in the first place.

To wrap up, Internet offers choices to mankind never possible in the entire human history. But these choices come at a cost - time. It is a double edged sword. Search for a term on search engine and you get so many choices that you need an entire year to find the best choice for your circumstances.

Or you use one of the specialist mobile phone comparison sites that act as niche search engines, aggregating data from all top companies and websites on a daily basis and present them to the user according to the set criteria. Is that a time saver? You bet. A word of warning though! Stay away from sites that are trying to sell you some thing, because they are not acting in your best interest.

Sites that just compare and offer information without bias are the ones that you need to target if you want to find the best deal there is.

Dan Sherman has started a website to compare virtually all mobile phone deals in UK. There are more than 20,000 deals on offer at any one time alone. The site does not sell any thing. It just compares deals to put you in the driving seat when making a decision. Visit TopMobiles4U for details. Or visit the site


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