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Canon EOS 400d Review

Today, almost every household has their own digital camera. Everyone wanted to capture moments that will not only stay in their memories but moments that they can share with other people as well. Cameras have gone a long way, from the black and white shots only to colored films and now, with digital pictures.

One company that is known to have the best digital camera ratings is Canon. Canon EOS 400/Rebel XTi Digital Camera is their latest offer to picture enthusiasts. This is one of the best cameras that are available in the market. It has been one of the favorites of people who are learning photography because it is so handy and easy to use.

The Canon EOS 400D is the third generation of the series. It is a follow-up to Canon EOS 300D which was presented to the market almost three years ago. Canon EOS 400D is different with the previous models because this model is lightweight and more compact with features. It also has a unique cleaning system where there is a dust removal system included in the package. This digital camera also includes software which is based on dust pattern removal. It also has features like low-pass filter with ultra-sonic vibration and anti-static surface coatings on the camera's body.

Canon EOS 400D has larger 2.5" LCD monitor that has a 160o viewing angle both horizontally and vertically. You can also easily find the camera settings and adjustment on the LCD monitor. There is also an image magnification which is available in record review. Its histogram is available as either RGB or Brightness. RGB is the red, green and blue colors while brightness is the luminance. According to digital camera ratings, this unit shows more vibrant and alive colors.

Moreover, you can also shoot up to 27 JPEG files and 10 RAW images. There are larger ranges of image parameter adjustments and more picture styles. Image magnifications are available in record review. There are also three auto rotation options available. These are the not recorded, record but don't rotate and the record and rotate option. Each folder on its storage card can save up to 9999 images.

Another factor that makes the digital camera ratings for this unit high is its improved user interface. It is easier to manage and simpler to understand. Whenever you set the camera, it automatically saves the setting adjustments made. Once you decided to print your photos, it has direct print features.

Compared with the previous digital camera models, the Canon EOS 400D is cheaper by $100 during its introductory sale. With the features that it has, it is way cheaper than the earlier models.

Before you purchase Canon EOS 400D digital camera, make sure that you research and compare it with other digital cameras. You should be aware of how its features work so that you can maximize your unit. Read digital camera ratings on the unit as well as on other units as well, whether those are also under Canon brands or digital cameras with other brands.


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