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Digital Photography

Digital Photography Tips For Beginners

Do you want to be an excellent photographer? These 7 digital photography tips you can get started on your way to become an excellent photographer if you'd like.
#1. Learn your cameras settings

Chances are you shoot most of your pictures utilizing your camera's "automatic" mode. This will get you average results. If you are striving for great shots, you'll need to learn about other modes too. Take the time to read your camera's manual to understand when to use each shooting mode.

#2. Take more photos

Before going crazy buying the most expensive equipment right away, you had better take more photos because the more photos you take, the more you'll know about what kind of camera to get when it's time to upgrade. In other words, you can always delete the bad ones later.

#3. Busting the dust

Digital camera with removable lenses are prone to dust landing on the sensor. Static electricity around the sensor can possibly contribute to attracting dust particles, or other elements to this sensitive area of your camera. You can get rid of the dust is a camera blower brush, and tilt the camera down while blowing. Take care not to get any of the hairs snagged inside.

#4. Use a tripod

A tripod will keep your camera steady which will make your photos clearer.

#5. Shot your subject at different focal length, angles, and formats

Shoot your subject at different focal lengths - using the zoom on your photos will not only change how close your subject appears but it will also change the depth of field (ie the blurring of the background). It also allows you to shoot from different distances which can really impact how relaxed your subject is (there's nothing better than a photographer in your face to make you tense up)

Shoot your subject from different angles - it's amazing how much you can change a shot by getting on your knees or taking a few steps to the side.

Shoot using different formats - there are different ways to grip a digital camera. The two main ones are horizontally or vertically but you can also get into all kinds of diagonal ways to do it. Mix it up.

#6. Experiment with different 'modes'

Even the most basic point and shoot cameras have different 'shooting modes'. These are usually things like 'portrait', 'landscape', 'sports', 'night' etc. Sometimes it's worth flicking through these to take shots at different settings. What these modes do is simply change the basic settings (like aperture, shutter speed, ISO) - all things that can change the look and feel of your shot considerably

#7. Play with your Flash

Try turning your flash off or forcing it to fire in shots. Sometimes adding flash to a scene where there's lots of light behind your subject is essential (even though your camera might not think it needs it). This stops those silhouette shots where it looks like you're trying to hide the identity on your subject.


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