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Laser Pointers for Presentations and Teaching

Laser pointers are very popular amongst business professionals and teachers who use these pointers when giving presentations and teaching in front a group of people. However, these pointers are not always safe and sometime they fall into the hands of the wrong people and they get misused. There have been many reports of the misuse of laser pointers in newspapers.

This is around the time when they were first becoming popular as children were buying them to play with them. They were being used in the wrong way. The newspapers were reporting concerns over the safety of laser pointers.

Reports showed that there are certain properties of laser radiation that can cause damage. Laser pointers themselves are devices that produce radiation with unique properties. When the radiation that is emitted by a source can be detected by the eye, it produces a sensation of vision.

When a person looks at a laser pointer they see a red light being emitted from the front of the pointer. It is this red light that has so many people worried. The laser pointers that are being used by most trained professionals today are lightweight and portable, they are low-powered and usually battery operated. They are hand held devices.

The first laser pointers that were being produced were commonly all the same shape. There was a simple straight red line. However, when these pointers became more and more popular, creators of laser pointers began thinking of new and interesting points that the could use. Now you can get a laser pointer that is an arrow shape or a heart for instance. Some pointers will come with a set of changeable tops that can be used when desired.

Over the years people have become more and more concerned about the safety of the laser pointer. It has been found that when the laser point is shone directly into the eye then there could be some damage to the eye itself. The risk of permanent eye damage is small, there will be what is a called a dazzling effect in the eye. This may last for seconds or several minutes. It is never a good idea to shine the laser pointer directly into anyone's eye.

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