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Motorola Rizr Z Too Powerful For Cingular

The Rizr Z3 is Motorola's latest from the world famous Razr series. Sporting a card slot that can handle a 2mb SD card, the Rizr is a music lover's dream. Bluetooth allows for wireless music transmission and easy connection to wireless devices. The Rizr has integrated quad-band GSM technology. Recently, however, we have discovered that the model is too powerful to be successful in the short term.

Cingular Wireless has expressed concerns that their network isn't powerful enough at this time to support a 2 mega-pixel camera. The file size of 2 mega-pixel pictures is obviously a lot larger than the sizes of cameras with less resolution. Cingular, with their EDGE technology, has taken strides to become more competitive in the data transmission area. However, they don't believe that EDGE has enough bandwidth to support file sizes this large. In other words, if each Cingular user had a 2 mega-pixel camera, there wouldn't be enough space there to allow all of them to use it.

Their service would become overloaded, which of course would lead to more dropped calls and decreased service reception. This brings up a few interesting questions. Has Motorola overdone it this time? Why don't we have networks that are capable of handling more bandwidth? We know that in parts of Asia and Europe, there are camera phones with operable 7 mega-pixel cameras. We find ourselves way behind in the network technology race.

We believe that it is obviously not Motorola's fault. We should be glad that Motorola has pushed the issue, because cell phone service providers in the U.S. are obviously behind with their technology integration. Cingular and the other providers are to blame, although they are now making strides to create better networks. At this time, the release date of the MOTORIZR has been pushed back while we wait for Cingular to complete their transition to 3G.

3G will allow for the transmission of more data, so the file sizes of bigger pictures will be ably transmitted over their connections. 3G is the next generation of GSM technology. In reality, 3G stands for third generation. The technology allows for simultaneous transmission of data and voice, meaning that live video calls will eventually be made possible. We should be glad that Cingular is pressing forward with 3G integration, as it is the next logical step in our phone evolution.

The first to fully integrate the 3G network was Japan, who has been using it since 2005. We do know that as soon as Cingular releases it, the Rizr will be one of the best selling models ever. Although the Motorola Rizr Z3 is not available on a wide scale, the model can be found if you know where to look online.

At this point in time, you would need to purchase an unlocked Rizr, unless you know how to unlock it yourself. If unlocked, the model should work with Cingular or T-Mobile. Overall, we hope that Motorola and Cingular will make this happen quickly. Since we are paying just as much in the U.S. as is paid in other parts of the world, shouldn't we get the same service? Shouldn't the functionality of our phones be just as powerful? Why do we have to keep waiting? The fact that the Motorola Rizr Z3 has features that are too powerful for the Cingular network is just comical.

Courtney writes product reviews and publications such as this one on theMotorola Rizr Z3 and theMOTORIZR.


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