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Introduction to ZT TV Cell phone

CECT Iphone clones are getting more and more popular on the internet. They are P168, Hiphone and some other models you can name. Somehow not many people know about ZT Cell phone, which is another Chinese cell phone brand. ZT is a leading domestic manufacturer of mobile handsets in China.

The ZT TV Cell phone has many decent features, it comes with all common features a normal cell phone have. Normally the ZT cell phones are bigger than the CECT Iphone clones, and their appearance is not that attractive, but the functions are very useful. The ZT TV Cell phone I am writing is 3.5 inch, touch screen control, multimedia playback, camera, dual SIM card, Bluetooth, video recording, surround sounds speaker, and of course the TV function. This TV phone is not a one button cell phone like Iphone, it has keypad, so it's widely accepted by most customers, especially if you like to text with keypad. Besides, this cell phone has the tilt technology when playing video, it changes the video from landscape to portrait according to your views.


Here are the features for ZT TV Cell phone. .

Specifications : .

-- GSM: Dual band phone support 900/1800 HZ.

-- Languages : 9 languages supported, English, France, Spanish, Portuguese, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Russian, Vietnamese and Arabic. .

-- TV Function: Supported with built-in antenna .

-- Dimension: 104 x62 x 17mm .

-- Net weight: 113g .

-- Display: 3.5 inch 16:0 large screen display touch control. .

-- Camera: Built-in Camera, CMOS, 1.3 Mega pixels (4 x Digital Zoom) .

-- Multimedia: MP3/MP4 supported, Bluetooth 2.0, WAP, MMS, video recording. .

-- Talk time: 3 hours (continuously). -- Standby time: 120 hours.


-- Tilt technology: Video changed from portrait to landscape according to your view. .

More pictures and information on ZT TV Cell Phone


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