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Ink Cartridge Refill Kits

Ink refills for inkjet printers have made the use of these printers more affordable than ever. When inkjet printers first arrived in the market place, the ink refills were only available from the same manufacturer that make the printer and were quite costly. Today, ink refill solutions have changed drastically. The first major change that came about in the field of ink refills was the creation of non-OEM brand ink refills that fit most major inkjet printer brands. These third-party manufactured ink cartridges were exactly like those made by the name brand manufacturer and reduced the cost of ink refills by a noticeable amount. This helped lower the per page printing cost for use of these common home computer printers that are also often used in small business offices.

The second change arrived as a result of environmental awareness and the fact that millions of discarded ink cartridges were filling landfills around the world. Recycled ink refill cartridges arrived on the market as a result of manufacturers obtaining empty ink cartridges that were in perfectly good condition and refurbishing them into new condition, refilling the ink reservoir with new ink. This further reduced the cost per printed page and reduced the impact to the worlds environment of the massive quantity of printing being accomplished through the use of these printers.

Ink refill kits arrived on the market and gave the home user the option of refilling their own ink cartridges. For some people, this solution proved very viable and they found it easy to use these ink refills. Other users, however, found the process instructions difficult to follow and often made a mess of the entire process, creating stains on hands and clothing that can be difficult to remove. The customers who found they loved the ink refill kit option still use these as a means of extending the life of their ink cartridges. After about two or three ink refills, the cartridge itself needs to be replaced in order to operate properly, but this continues to reduce the cost per printed page greatly for those people who dont mind performing the ink refill process themselves. Ink refills are becoming less and less expensive.

The printer manufacturers have learned that customers will pay only within certain limits for the ability to color pages at their homes or small business offices and the market has been forced to respond to these customer demands. If you need ink refills and have been using only name brand cartridges, you should definitely consider the less expensive ink refills that are available from third party manufacturers at a fraction of the cost of the OEM cartridge ink refills. You will most likely be just as pleased with the quality and notice no difference at all except the extra money that remains in your wallet. If you are a a techie type, you may wish to try the do-it-yourself ink refills that are available at very low cost. Just be certain that you read the instructions carefully before beginning the process and follow each step exactly for the best results.

Mr James has owned The Cartridge Specialists (Melbourne) since 2004 selling ink, toner, fax rolls etc & regularly writes articles about his industry


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