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Build Your Site And They Will Come Guaranteed

Almost everyone seems to have a website today. You've probably even tossed around the idea of setting one up yourself, but hesitate.  You think it might be a little too hard to design and host. Maybe you just aren't sure what you should put on it. What do people actually use personal webpages for anyway? You'd be surprised at how versatile personal webpages can be.

More and more users are creating websites that cater to their interests, opinions, hobbies, and businesses everyday. If you could get one up and running in as little as five minutes, would that peek your interest?  . .

Thanks to Moonfruit, the maker of the SiteMaker product suites, you can. When reviewed against Homestead, Lycos Tripod and Yahoo Geocities, PCWorld said, "without a doubt, Moonfruit is the slickest of the online site builders."  They weren't kidding. With this software you can have your personal or business website up and running in four easy steps:. .Select your website layout from over 150 templates available.

.Edit the site to add your own personal unique touches such as pictures and music. .Add additional features like forums, message boards, discussion areas, newsfeeds, e-commerce tools, games, events calendars, and much more. .Set up your site controls which will allow you to manage your site statistics, user  groups, and emails.

. .SiteMaker is easily one of the best multi-purpose site-building tools suitable for both business and personal use. The well-designed templates and eye catching colors will also attract small businesses looking for a creative web presence.

  Home-user will love the extra personalizing site features such as the ability to upload pictures and music.  It's easy to learn, and you can start immediately. . .Moonfruit is ultimately less expensive and user-friendly when compared with many other website builder choices. SiteMaker packages are priced from $4.

49 to $23.99 per month.  If you want to test-drive their product, you can do so with a 14-day free trial period. So, go ahead, what’s stopping you from building your very own website? .

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