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Before You Buy A Used Computer Consider This

A used computer purchase can be a great one for getting a solid machine while saving some money along the way. Depending on what's found on the used computer market, the resulting machine can be perfect for doing reports, running a small business and even just for kicking back and enjoying video games. But, before you plunk your money down on a rig, it's a good idea to understand computer hardware before buying. And, if you intend to buy a used piece of equipment to fix your machine, it's even more important to weigh the purchase carefully. There are a number of considerations, but what's exactly needed will depend a whole lot on what you intend to do with the machine. Here are some tips for getting a good machine that has decent used computer hardware: * Hard drive.

The hard drive is one of the most important pieces of used computer hardware. This acts as basically a filing cabinet for the entire machine, providing storage for programs, documents, pictures and other similar files. Gamers, for example, will need to make sure this piece of used computer hardware is large enough to handle their programs, but someone who only intends to use the computer for reports might not need a machine with a huge storage capacity.

* Processor. This piece of hardware is basically the brains behind the operation. The processor speed will be a key factor in how fast a computer runs and what it can handle. The higher the speed, generally the better.

* RAM. This bit is the computer's random access memory. The higher the number, the quicker a computer can access its files and programs. A good piece of computer hardware will offer RAM that's at least in the 500s or better. * Video card.

While not everyone who buys a used machine will care about the video card, gamers in particular will want this piece of hardware to be of decent quality. Video cards should also have their own onboard RAM. In addition to the previous, there are some other things shoppers should be concerned about as they look at used computer hardware.

They include: * Ability to upgrade. Make sure the machine you buy has an ability to upgrade. * Warranties.

While not all used computer hardware will come this option, if you can even get a limited one, you're in fairly good shape. * A chance to check out the machine first. Before buying a used computer or even used computer parts, see if you can check them out before paying. This might not always be possible, but when it is, it can save you from a bad purchase.

Buying used computer hardware doesn't have to be a gamble if you take your time, make sure you get what you need and look for locations that offer at the least very limited warranties. Some shops that sell used computer hardware will give you at least a 30-day warranty to cover your purchase. If you can get this on a used computer hardware purchase, you've likely found a decent buy.

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understanding used computer hardware before buying


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