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A Look at the iRiver MP Player

Iriver introduced their first product, the iMP-100, a portable CD player capable of decoding MP3 data files on CDs, on November, 2000. In the number one global market, iriver was quickly displaced by the introduction of Apple's iPod. Founded in Seoul, capital of South Korea, iriver makes portable digital audio players, including USB mass storage, multiple codecs, FM tuners, recording capabilities, and upgradeable firmware. Microsoft helped test and market its latest product, the Clix, while specifying upgrades to its graphics engine and chips. Irivers initially dropped UMS support for several of their flash memory based players, in favor of Microsofts's MTP.

The company later released an official "iriver firmware updater" that allowed the users to switch between the MTP and UMS interfaces. Iriver has developed four models for the portable multimedia player, the audio and video market. They are capable of playing several digital video formats, in addition to playing audio and displaying still images, with two models. The G10 is in progress right now, and will play digital music, video, and games. Its hard drives will be available in a 4GB or 8GB, while its size is less than half of Sony's PSP.

There are several MP3 companies that are interested in designing and developing MP3 players, and are capable of supporting a user's entire music library, while others look to create a player that rivals the number one positioned MP3 player - the iPod. After this, a third type of manufacturer arrives, one that looks to create a usable and durable product. This is where the iriver MP3 player enters the picture. The iriver has three basic systems for people looking for a basic digital music player. The iriver T30 series comes in 512MB (120 songs) and 1GB (250 songs) formats with a 24 hour battery life. Both support subscription services, have a voice recorder, and can record directly from a source without using a PC.

The T10 has a color display and an unbelievable 45 hour battery life, with the most useful tool on any MP3 player, the FM tuner and recorder. In an even more dedicated effort to appeal to the athletic, "sporty" type, iRiver designed a MP3 player that the user can take to the pool! An MP3 player with a water-proof cover that retails at $99.99 that is just as compact and easy to use as the regular version.

The system has a sleek design and, believe it or not, waterproof headphones that make swimming and enjoying your favorite tunes possible! But some complaints about the iRiver product stem from the lack of data storage and the unfriendly format. When trying to delete a single song it sometime deletes an entire folder or the entire collection altogether.

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